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How to Fix Laptop (Basic)

Is your laptop didn't Boot Up!NO Screen? I teach you how to fix it before you call a expensive Tech guy.
Common problem of laptops when you switch it on LED light turns on, but "no screen"  or LED lights ON then turn OFF.

 Tutorial by Blogmytuts 101:

1. REMOVE the Battery then, Plug  your DC adapter Switch your Laptop.
 ( SOLVE? if NO try Step 2)

2. Memory and Board Check

a.)REMOVE the Memory found at the Back the screw commonly have a LOGO or symbol of a Memory.

b.)After removing it, Switch your LAPTOP then observe if, it make beep sound or blinking CAPSLOCKs.

( If Yes..Your motherboard is Working proceed to c)

c.)Clean the GOLD part of the memory with PENCIL ERASER or clean dry clothes. Cleaning is by rubbing the gold.

If you think its clean  then put it back, make sure memory feat right position and locks,if you have 2 RAM memory test it one by one. put 1 memory only for testing.If one is failed to boot clean it again or RAM is damage.

That's all dude the basic trouble shooting tutorial.


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