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Ice Gloves for Touchscreen

In cold country accessing touch screen is impossible not till Touch Gloves invented.

Touchscreens use a capacitive system that allows them to "feel" the electric charge in the user's fingertips. Wearing normal gloves shields that charge from the sensors in the touchscreen.

The solution? "Touch Gloves" manufactured with a special textile covering the fingertips that allows the body's electric field free access to your tablet's touchscreen.
Touch Gloves were exhibited and demonstrated at the 2010 Tokyo International Gift Show Fall 2010. The gloves are designed, manufactured, and sold by Alta and were originally targeted at salespeople and employees whose work often took them outdoors in winter.

Here's a video from DigInfo that shows Touch Gloves in action at the Show:

Prepare to pay 1,700 yen (about $20.50) for the patterned Touch Gloves and just 1,500 yen (about $18.00) for the plain ones. (via Japan Probe and DigInfo

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