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How to Unhide and share Hot Spot Shield VPN

This Tutorial enables you to share you "HotSpotShield VPN Malware Protection"

As we know only Tap32 Adapter Shows only in Network Connection.If you go to CMD type "ipconfig/all" you can view the Anchorfree HSS Adapter
 but hidden on Network Connection so this the problem why you cannot share your secured vpn network

To share this hidden VPN we must unhide this Ghost adapter
How to do that?
We Remove the Tap adapter and Reinstall it with new modified driver that change the "Characteristic Value"

From 89 to 81 like the character Value of Local Area Network Adapter

 Method 1
This the OemWin2k file at the driver open it with a notepad or wordpad

;                             Driver Section (Done)

;----------------- Characteristics ------------
;    NCF_PHYSICAL = 0x04
;    NCF_VIRTUAL = 0x01
;    NCF_HIDDEN = 0x08
;    NCF_NO_SERVICE = 0x10
;    NCF_HAS_UI = 0x80
;----------------- Characteristics ------------

   CopyFiles       = taphss.driver, taphss.files
   AddReg          = taphss.reg
   AddReg          = taphss.params.reg
   Characteristics = 0x89

change 89 to 81 then Save.

Other method is editing  the win registry, go to run in Win XP or search in Win7 type "regedit"
then ctrl+f  type Anchorfree HSS Adapter.

Find the "Character" change the value to 81 refresh.. press F5

This the easiest Download Driver Add and Remove click Here
After Download extract it the click Remove then "Restart" Open it click Add Tap32. ok cheers!!
Note:This is only for 32bit

Now the result .. Check your Network Connection

Win XP

Now How to Share it?
Go ! here....

Link2 is what i used now ^^


sell my cell phone said...

Pretty cool software.

blognizend said...

Thank You for visiting ...

Wong said...

Share hotspot shield VPN with other Internet users?

blognizend said...

Yes Wong this is how to share your Hotspot shield VPN take note in network sharing theirs no annoying Ads :)

Unknown said...

You are the best!
Thank you :)

Unknown said...

Thanks, I successfully used method 2 and now my HHS adapter is available however it says it is unplugged, I have tried everything I can think of to get it to work but nothing ...I have another software called Connectify which acts as a wireless hotspot however when I try to select my HHS VPN it says there is "no internet" - all this is odd to me because HHS VPN is on and running but the 2 things I mentioned indicate it is not..help? thanks :)

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